Monday, October 4, 2010


Who doesn't love a t-shirt with a saying on it?

Announce to the universe that you're a writer by putting it on a tee. (But since we all know that writers don't get out much because we're, well, writing, make sure it's a really comfy tee.)


Writer Chick
Love being a writer, hate the paperwork.
I sit around all day making stuff up.
I prefer to think of it as prepublished.
Don't be jealous of my sweet writing skills.
My weapon of choice...the mighty pen.
What does not kill me makes a great plot point in my next book.
The voices in my head are plotting against me.
Deadlines amuse me.
I'm in my own little world. (It's okay, they know me here.)
Writers always get the last word.
Blank page, I shall thwart thee.
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
If I don't get these characters out of my head they threatened to trash the place.
You're an awesome writer, now get back to work. (this one done in mirror image so it looks backwards till you look at yourself in the mirror)

OR send me your own creative idea! Ten bucks, plus shipping, puts whatever YOU want on a shirt. I have black, white, brown, red, navy, sky blue, pink, and golden yellow heat-pressable vinyl that can go on any color of shirt you choose.

I also make shirts for any occasion...Christmas, Family Reunion, or for everyday.

They make perfect personalized Christmas gifts, too!


Anonymous said...

I need to create some great shirts for Christmas! I will be getting with you soon!

Jade Graham said...

I AM STILL IN BUSINESS, I AM STILL TAKING ORDERS, I just don't have time to update the blog, facebook, etsy, pinterest, etc.... vinyl cut lettering online