Thursday, November 6, 2008

Awesome & inexpensive

How often do you find a gift idea that is both awesome and inexpensive? Tile clocks are beautiful.* Can you believe it is just black vinyl on a Home Depot tile? You drill a hole in the center, attach clockworks, and you have an elegant decorative clock that would make an amazing gift.

The clock face vinyl to fit a 12 X 12 tile is $17.00 and for the 16 X 16 size, it's $20.00. Just email me! (The email link is in my profile).

*Sorry, no longer pictured...I will work on that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I haven't lost my mind, I've just misplaced it

Okay, really, I do remember that I have a blog and I also often remember that I have a vinyl lettering business that I’m trying to plug, but somehow I have had a blog blockage (Blogage?”--I’m sure it’s a common ailment that will soon be making its way into the medical journals). Anyway, for now check out some holiday ideas. Plus, check back soon (very soon) for HOLIDAY SEASON CONTESTS where you can win actual STUFF.

Beautiful nativity scenes can be done in black or white vinyl and applied to glass blocks.

Craft stores are even selling blocks especially for decorating projects—there’s a hole on one side that will allow a string of lights for a magical effect or they can be filled with small ornaments, glass pebbles…whatever. Each scene done in vinyl is $6.00. Glass blocks can be found at most craft stores (I found the best price at Hobby Lobby; they are even cheaper at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but you’ll have to drill your own holes).

I'm excited about the possibilities of glass blocks. In one example I saw, they had filled it partway with sand, placed a shell and some colored glass alongside a beach photo, then in vinyl lettering put a phrase across the bottom of the glass saying Family fun in the sun. Or you could make a bank out of it and put some fun lettering on it that indicates what the person is saving money for.