Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And the winner is...

Right now, at this very moment, I am randomly drawing a name out of the special bowl specifically designated for random blog contest winner-choosing. If you are or ever have been an employee of Vinyl Expressions, Inc. and it's affiliated affiliates, you are immediately disqualified from this random contest.

Drum roll, please...I'm closing my eyes, and digging deep (if your name is at the top, sorry)...the winner is...KARLA FREEMAN! Karla, you can choose between a holiday Tee shirt or a $3.00 discount on your vinyl lettering order.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Contest TEASE

See the December 3rd post for contest details where you can win a cute red Tee. Right now all Tee shirts are discounted to $7 if you are interested in purchasing one for your little darling. (The prizes and $7 price is limited to stock on hand). Email me for sizes and phrases available.

Christmasy Decor

The glass block reads Wise Men Still Seek Him.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Soon shmoon

Okay, so in my most recent post (recent you'll see is a relative term in the blogging world--my post was almost a month ago) I admonished you to check back soon as exciting contests were in store. Well, soon--also relative. I am just happy to be here with Christmas prizes to offer and it's not even Valentine's Day!

Anyways...I have a load of way cute holiday Tees for the preschool set with such catchy phrases as Santa, I can explain! Santa, define nice! Santa's Little Helper. Littlest Elf. Angel (if you have any kids that term will fit). So here's the deal...for all those who leave a comment on my blog between now and Tuesday--so approximately a week--I will throw your names in the proverbial hat and randomly select a winner who will receive the T-shirt of their choice. If you have no use for a T-shirt of your choice I can substitute with holiday vinyl lettering discounts. I do need to get rid of these Tees, though. Even if they did fit Kylie, she could only wear 25 of them before Christmas comes. If you can't wait for some silly contest results, you're welcome to purchase them for the discount price of $7 each.

Check back next Wednesday when I post the winner (I know that will require that I actually post more than once in the same month, but I'll rest up and see if I can manage).

Note: I will post some pics of the T-shirts as soon as I get a hold of my daughter's camera where they are currently stored. I don't understand why she doesn't leave her camera out for my constant use--I mean I have a business to run here! ;D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Awesome & inexpensive

How often do you find a gift idea that is both awesome and inexpensive? Tile clocks are beautiful.* Can you believe it is just black vinyl on a Home Depot tile? You drill a hole in the center, attach clockworks, and you have an elegant decorative clock that would make an amazing gift.

The clock face vinyl to fit a 12 X 12 tile is $17.00 and for the 16 X 16 size, it's $20.00. Just email me! (The email link is in my profile).

*Sorry, no longer pictured...I will work on that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I haven't lost my mind, I've just misplaced it

Okay, really, I do remember that I have a blog and I also often remember that I have a vinyl lettering business that I’m trying to plug, but somehow I have had a blog blockage (Blogage?”--I’m sure it’s a common ailment that will soon be making its way into the medical journals). Anyway, for now check out some holiday ideas. Plus, check back soon (very soon) for HOLIDAY SEASON CONTESTS where you can win actual STUFF.

Beautiful nativity scenes can be done in black or white vinyl and applied to glass blocks.

Craft stores are even selling blocks especially for decorating projects—there’s a hole on one side that will allow a string of lights for a magical effect or they can be filled with small ornaments, glass pebbles…whatever. Each scene done in vinyl is $6.00. Glass blocks can be found at most craft stores (I found the best price at Hobby Lobby; they are even cheaper at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but you’ll have to drill your own holes).

I'm excited about the possibilities of glass blocks. In one example I saw, they had filled it partway with sand, placed a shell and some colored glass alongside a beach photo, then in vinyl lettering put a phrase across the bottom of the glass saying Family fun in the sun. Or you could make a bank out of it and put some fun lettering on it that indicates what the person is saving money for.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Tunes!

I thought I would mix it up a bit and give you some new tunes for your listening pleasure. I realize there are only four measley songs on the playlist--I have a much larger personal playlist--but I am trying to keep a little theme going here of HAPPY & FUN on this blog. These songs make me happy. And Ordinary Miracles is still there for those of you who are obsessed with it like I am. Happy day to you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm a witch for Halloween...

...why should October 31st be different than any other day of the year? I put that on a T-shirt and had it for sale at a boutique last fall. It was immediately purchased by two teenage boys for their mother, who, thankfully, loved it. If you love it, you can have it put on a shirt or a door hanger, whatever you'd like.

Now the topic for today...

If your kids are like mine, they love to dig out the boxes of holiday decorations, like somehow if a pumpkin is set on the porch Halloween comes faster, and in no time at all they'll be donning cute/scary costumes and traversing the neighborhood collecting sweets in a pillowcase. Sadly, I am often the reluctant decorator--I guess I like my "stuff" the way it is and seasonal "stuff" just gets in the way. I know...I can hear all you enthusiastic decorating mommas saying, "What is wrong with you?"

All I can say is HOORAY for Vinyl Lettering! Not only is it one of the most fun and least expensive ways to decorate for the holidays--it's easy. I have admired (okay..envied) all you creative tole painters and stencilers over the years, but now with vinyl lettering--easy breezy, I have a cute door hanger (It says WELCOME Boos & Ghouls) and colorful treat jars (One says, no Tricks just Treats, the other Happy Halloween in a creepy font).

Of course, you can decorate them any way you like. I have Christmas designs and another with fall leaves, but my favorite says, CHOCOLATE is the answer...I forget the question. That one's not Halloweeny at all, it works for me year round. But, you may want to hide it with your secret stash!

Note: Jars can be found anywhere, but I really like the ones from IKEA--they are completely round and come in three sizes. The vinyl lettering designs for them range from $1-$3. Contact me through my profile info to order!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall means football

Finally, something new. Thanks to you who have been watching and waiting for a new post, and if you haven't been watching and waiting for a new post, then get with it. You think your day is full, can always fit in one more blog. It's like jello, there's always room.

Enough nonsense. Check out these way awesome football team banners and decals. I know what you are thinking...way awesome. The banners are 3 X 6 and come in a bunch of different colors. I did one with just the logo and the other with the logo and team sponsors. They are $90 each. The car decal price depends on size, most will run under $5 each. Upcoming posts promise more in the way of fun holiday decor, but today, let's cheer for the home team! RAH! RAH!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life is...

Most days I look at the sign on the wall above my kitchen window that says "Life is beautiful" and just sigh in agreement and other days I see it and go, "hmmm...not so much." I guess the sign always serves as a valuable reminder that I need to look for the good in life, no matter how my day is going. And as I said, MOST days I am sighing in agreement.

I am so happy with how my sign turned out. I cut it in black vinyl in the Passions font and it looks so good on my green wall. Mine is 8 in. X 38 in.--at that size the price is $18.00 plus tax--but, of course, I can make yours whatever size you need for your own special spot on the wall. (Just email me to order--my email address can be found in my profile).

The subtitle to my "Life is beautiful,"--done in a nice burgundy red vinyl (sorry, it's unreadable in the photo)--says, "It's not that unusual when everything is beautiful, it's just another ordinary miracle today." I took that phrase from the song Ordinary Miracle that is playing right there...see it on your right...of course, it should be the music gracing your ears at this very moment. Turn up the volume and enjoy your day of ordinary miracles! Life is beautiful!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I love words...from the words of great leaders and prophets to the words found in books of scripture or great literature (or books just plain fun to read) to the words spoken by my mother at her knee..all these words have value to me.

I love vinyl lettering because it is a way to decorate, plus teach and inspire my family, using my favorite words applied to walls, wood plaques, tiles...almost anywhere in the house.

I hope you'll visit my blog often for fun ways that you can decorate, teach, and inspire using Vinyl Expressions' Vinyl Lettering! If you ever have questions or would like to order anything shown, or create your own custom lettering, please feel free to email me.