Sunday, November 1, 2009

No, it's not wedding season

I realize June has past, but couples do choose to get married in non-June months now and again. My son did in October. Last week in fact.

For a personal touch at the wedding lunch and reception I applied vinyl lettering to white plates. I received many compliments and the secret is that I bought the plates at the dollar store, for, yes, you guessed dollar. It would cost close to that amount for the lettering because it doesn't take a lot to make a really beautiful, decorative plate.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Reunion Tees

As usual, I'm a litle behind on promotions. Now summer's over and family reunion season is past, but check out these tees I made recently for my family's reunion. If you need t-shirts for your family, team, or club just email me and I'll answer all your questions.

The logo...

(Excuse the angelic light reflecting from the awesome logo I created or is it that Amarillo, TX is just a little closer to heaven than where y'all are from.)

Amazingly cute kids sporting their tees...

(They're all smiling and thinking, "Isn't it cool that our mom is from Texas?")

Enough of that, it's time to start thinking about fall holiday projects and decorating. I've added a new slideshow depicting some fun ideas. Check out the sidebar.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New slide show

I've changed out the Valentine's-themed slide show for one focusing on home and garden ideas. Please take a look and let me know what vinyl lettering you need for sprucing up those areas.

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's so cliche!

I love you, my little blogsphere, I really do...well sort of...I never visit I have a funny way of showing it. It seems there are always a million other things to do besides blog. I decided, though, that I should at least make an appearance in March with it being spring and all. Plus, Easter is coming and I want to show off my cute Easter vinyl saying. (See photo: It's EASTER! go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket). I like it, but my kids don't get it. I guess some of the old cliches are dwindling away and we just don't remind our kids "not to put all their eggs in one basket" like our grandparents did our parents. What's this younger generation coming to with all their eggs in one basket ? I guess we're failures as parents.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


We are all creators and the most important place we do that is within the walls of our own home. Through time spent teaching, loving, organizing, cleaning, and yes, even decorating, we create a fun, warm, inviting, and harmonious environment where our families can thrive.

Vinyl Lettering puts the perfect finishing touch on any room's decor and truly serves as more than just a decoration to admire. Whether it's on a board, tile, mirror, or right on the wall, your favorite words of wisdom can speak to your family every time they enter a room. So ask yourself, What do I want my walls to say? What do I want my children to "hear" everyday when they walk into the house after a day spent out in the world? What words will communicate love, joy, laughter, peace? What words will testify truth?

Enjoy these words of truth from Dieter F. Uchtdorf...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since you asked...

We celebrated our 27th anniversary!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

to my husband

Just for you...Happy Anniversary wishes and a really old song!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Thanks for sending all the LOVE-ly quotes about LOVE. I couldn't choose the best out of all of them, so decided to punt (kind of like the AZ Cardinals). I had my daughter choose a winner randomly, and the cute candy jar goes to...LaRee! I will drop it by your house sometime in the next few days...definitely by Valentine's Day! ;) The first several to respond to the contest blog received free lettering (I sent it last week; hopefully, you received it).

Some of the ideas submitted that I liked included:

--"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever."
--LOVE: thoughtful kind sweet, sappy happy complete
--"BEWARE Love is in the air." (This would work well for the front door, with beware in big letters and the second line underneath smaller).

If you need any lettering for Valentine's gifts or projects, just email me.

PS. We're proud of the Cardinals, they did good!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Valentine Lettering Winners are...


You are the first 6 people who responded to my contest blog, so you will receive the same lettering that appears on the candy jar shown (5 commented first on the blog and one sent an email at the same time, so there are 6 winners instead of 5). Please email me your addresses (email address is in my profile) unless it would be ridiculous to give me your address when I will be seeing you today when we go Visiting Teaching, plus I know where you live anyway. :)

I will be awarding the candy jar next week. There's still a few days to submit your ideas for a cute Valentine door hanger. (See January 21 post).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me, again

I discovered one thing about the slide shows while I was playing around with them...if you click on the little sidebar on the right side of the slide show, it will take you to a larger and much easier to view image. Problem solved.

(Sometimes I amaze even myself)

While I've got your attention...

If you're looking for the contest, it's in the previous entry (the one titled Contest! Contest! Contest!--yeah, that one), but while you're here, I have a question...does anyone know how to make slide shows bigger? I'm trying to showcase lettering ideas, but some are just too small to be readable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Yes, it's contest time again..this time a Valentine's Day Writing Contest. I need a catchy Valentine greeting or phrase that I can put on a board to hang on my front door. One I did last year says: HUGS KISSES Valentine Wishes. My idea, so far, for this year is SWEETS for the SWEET, and under that it says: -inquire within-. Can you come up with something better?

Here's how it will work...leave your Valentiney idea as a comment to this blog. (If for some reason you are not able to comment, email your idea to my address found in my profile). Remember it can't be too wordy, it needs to fit on a board, sized to look good hanging on the front door.

ATTENTION: This is where I reveal the fabulous prizes!!! The winning entry will receive the cute Valentine's Candy Jar* pictured above. The first 5 comments (all entries or random comments included) will receive the same lettering shown on the jar for you to apply to your own candy jar. I will accept submissions through January 31st. If there's a bunch, I may open it up for voting--we'll see how it goes. Winners will be announced the first week of February.
*If the jar need to be mailed to the winner and would cost more to do so than the jar itself, I reserve the right to mail the lettering and a $4 check for the recipient to purchase their own jar. (I bought mine at IKEA for $3.99 last year, but no, I'm not accounting for inflation...or the recession either).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Welcome to 2009! New year--new fun blog stuff--

Take time to check out my new slide shows--I will be changing them from time to time. Right now the theme is Love, Family, Valentine's Day...if you need vinyl lettering ideas on other topics or for specific rooms, just let me know.

It was so fun having a Christmas contest to give away free stuff that I will have something similar in the works before Valentine's Day, so stay tuned. It's amazing how happy winning free stuff makes people and Valentine's Day is all about making people happy, right?