Thursday, February 11, 2010


Who knew Dr. Tom knew how to wield a hammer? Well, he does. He built this A-frame sign with wood he had laying around. He painted it white and I applied lettering in an eye-catching red.

Signs on corners are all the rage right now whether it's an A-frame or a kid-for-hire twirling one around to get drivers' attention.

Shoot me an email and let's figure out signs for your business.

(And you don't even have to make your own, I can order A-frames for you)


Ruby Clifton said...

Vinyl Lettering surely make great sign boards. There's a wide range of fonts, sizes and colors available. You can mix and match to create the right effect and maximum impact.

Koushik Chakroborty said...

Vinyl sigs are a great way of enhancing the look of your store front, tradeshow display, or gallery event. Whether you want to smarten up the appearance of your premises or market your business to potential customers ...

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