Tuesday, October 26, 2010

T-Shirt Winner Announced

Check out my other blog here to see who won the cool tee.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Fabu contest over at my (favorite) other blog... here!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Who doesn't love a t-shirt with a saying on it?

Announce to the universe that you're a writer by putting it on a tee. (But since we all know that writers don't get out much because we're, well, writing, make sure it's a really comfy tee.)


Writer Chick
Love being a writer, hate the paperwork.
I sit around all day making stuff up.
I prefer to think of it as prepublished.
Don't be jealous of my sweet writing skills.
My weapon of choice...the mighty pen.
What does not kill me makes a great plot point in my next book.
The voices in my head are plotting against me.
Deadlines amuse me.
I'm in my own little world. (It's okay, they know me here.)
Writers always get the last word.
Blank page, I shall thwart thee.
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
If I don't get these characters out of my head they threatened to trash the place.
You're an awesome writer, now get back to work. (this one done in mirror image so it looks backwards till you look at yourself in the mirror)

OR send me your own creative idea! Ten bucks, plus shipping, puts whatever YOU want on a shirt. I have black, white, brown, red, navy, sky blue, pink, and golden yellow heat-pressable vinyl that can go on any color of shirt you choose.

I also make shirts for any occasion...Christmas, Family Reunion, or for everyday.

They make perfect personalized Christmas gifts, too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Who knew Dr. Tom knew how to wield a hammer? Well, he does. He built this A-frame sign with wood he had laying around. He painted it white and I applied lettering in an eye-catching red.

Signs on corners are all the rage right now whether it's an A-frame or a kid-for-hire twirling one around to get drivers' attention.

Shoot me an email and let's figure out signs for your business.

(And you don't even have to make your own, I can order A-frames for you)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


On my other blog that I don't neglect as much as I neglect this one (OF WRITERLY THINGS, found here) I have announced an exciting giveaway. I figure if one blog can share the love, why not two, so I'm announcing here as well. While I don't aspire to be a career vinyl lettering cutter as much as I aspire to be a successful author (hence the focus of the giveaway on my other blog) I'll also be giving away vinyl lettering gift certificates besides the BIG giveaway! (Let's see how many times I can say giveaway in one paragraph.)

As Seen On My Other Blog Yesterday...
Today is the day I'm announcing an awesome give-away…the chance to win something that book-lovers and book-collectors can never get too many of…bookcases.

I am giving away a bookcase valued at $60, courtesy of Please check out their lovely website with all the varied and wonderful possibilities for bookcases. I especially love the ones designed for children found here. Someday, I would love to design a playroom for grandkids with cool shelves for kids books. So fun!

This very well may be my first ever blog giveaway, so I'm making it a good one. The lucky winner will get to choose ONE of these three bookcases... (and no, I'm not coming over to assemble it if assembly is required.)

View details here

View details here

View details here

Books, framed photos, and is that a box of tissue, not included.

To enter, please humor me and become a follower on my blog. (If I hit 100 followers (aiming high) I will give lucky number 100 a gift certificate for vinyl lettering worth $15. (You're welcome to become a follower here if it will make you happy.)

Let's see, how else can you make my day...hmmm...comments, lots and lots of comments... (as I cackle and rub my hands together... I've got you in my power now. You want that bookcase don't you? DON'T YOU?) So leave a comment and convince me that you'll buy my novel whenever in the heck I finish writing/revising/editing/ submitting/publishing it. And yes, I realize you don't even know the title of it yet (except for the favored few) but just promise me, PROMISE ME.

Sorry for the lapse there. How about just a comment telling me a book you got for Christmas and if you really didn't get one for Christmas then I am so sorry and I will personally file a complaint with the North Pole in your behalf. Were you just not good enough this year?

Okay, here's the bottom line:

1) one entry for becoming a follower/two if you already are (early bird gets the worm and all) as of riiiiight....NOW.
2) one entry for a comment
3) two entries for sharing the contest complete with link on your blog or any of those other online places you like to haunt. Just let me know where.

Did I forget anything? How about more prizes? I sell vinyl lettering, so I will also pick some winners to receive $15 gift certificates for custom lettering. This will be after I draw the big bookcase winner because it is so lame to be picked for a lesser prize and then be out of the running for the greater, more awesome prize. It's so, so...yeah, lame. And I am not about lameness here or over at the Of Writerly Things blogspot.