Monday, March 24, 2014


Because of our family's "Spreading Sunshine" project (we didn't create it, but found it here: 
and the fact that Kylie's favorite song we sing at church is Scatter Sunshine (listen to it here: she decided to make a board that said "Scatter Sunshine" to help her remember.

Nothing spectacular or difficult, she just wanted to Mod Podge scrapbook paper onto a board (PINK!), but the yellow polka dot vinyl she chose made it whimsical and fun, plus I thought her choice for fonts was perfect.

Where can you get polka dot vinyl??? At Expressions to be exact. Now I normally am ordering large rolls of vinyl for use in my business, like 50 yard rolls sometimes, but I love this site because they sell vinyl and vinyl supplies and you can order smaller pieces. They sell rolls of 5 or 10 yards, but you can buy as little as a 12 X 12 piece.This makes it perfect for the home crafter (so those of you with Cricuts or Silhouettes--this is for you!) or for me when I am cutting a custom order from a specialty piece of vinyl. I may never need 50 yards of yellow polka dot, but that's exactly what my daughter picked out for the project for her bedroom, so I bought a 12 X 24 piece. The quality and brand name are the same that I normally purchase in the large rolls, so I know what I'm getting.

I mentioned the polka dots...Expressions Vinyl has cute cute patterned vinyl like zebra prints in various colors, damask and houndstooth prints in black and white, and the polka dot vinyl in every color imaginable:

They also have glitter vinyl which I will use in another project for my daughter (PINK & GOLD!), plus I've got some extra of the yellow polka dot to use for my own project. I'll post about those next time!

10% Off Coupon Code at Expressions Vinyl:   VINYLSIGNSANDDESIGNS 
Valid for 2 weeks beginning today from March 24 - April 7
Visit their website at

+Also, for those who love the patterned vinyl but don't own a Cricut, Silhouette, or other vinyl cutter, now that I have a source for purchasing it, I can order it and cut your custom designs+

Let the creativity begin!


The Neerings Family said...

Super cute sign, Kylie!

bamabug01 said...

Tried to use the coupon and it says it's only valid from 3/14-3/28

Unknown said...

Where did you get the wood?