Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall means football

Finally, something new. Thanks to you who have been watching and waiting for a new post, and if you haven't been watching and waiting for a new post, then get with it. You think your day is full, can always fit in one more blog. It's like jello, there's always room.

Enough nonsense. Check out these way awesome football team banners and decals. I know what you are thinking...way awesome. The banners are 3 X 6 and come in a bunch of different colors. I did one with just the logo and the other with the logo and team sponsors. They are $90 each. The car decal price depends on size, most will run under $5 each. Upcoming posts promise more in the way of fun holiday decor, but today, let's cheer for the home team! RAH! RAH!

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Anonymous said...

If I was a sports gal I would so buy one of these, but alas I am not. They are cool though!